The awards aims to honour outstanding writers and works in the field of external information.

Speaking at the launch, Vice Chairman of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education and deputy head of the standing board of the steering committee on external information work, Bui Truong Giang, said that with important achievements over recent years, Vietnam has been widely hailed in international media.

At the event

The country’s current prestige and stature has provided a source of inspiration for staff involved in the external work at home and abroad, thus creating more meaningful and valuable external information works, he said.

Through six editions, the awards have secured a reputation for quality and prestige and become a forum for Vietnamese and foreign writers to exchange professional expertise and open up a creative space for those working in the field.

Submissions can be in any language and must be published as an article in a print newspaper, online newspaper, or website (licensed by competent agencies), radio broadcast, TV broadcast, press photo, landscape photo, or book, from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. They must be sent to the Radio the Voice of Vietnam - the standing agency of this year's awards, before July 15.

Prizes will be presented to winners in late August.

Entries must reflect the Party and State leaders’ external and internal activities, the Party and State’s policies and stances on international issues, the settlement of issues related to national sovereignty, and international issues of public concern, in a correct and timely manner.

At the same time, they must affirm Vietnam’s role, stature and prestige in the international community, helping to popularise its people, history, and culture.

Last year, the organising board received about 1,300 entries in nine categories and 17 languages. The number and quality of entries improved significantly compared to previous years.

Source: VNA