Their questions revolved around solutions to improving the quality of prosecution and judicial activities in handling criminal cases, inspecting the execution of criminal, civil, and administrative judgments; and strengthening the review of the handling of denunciations and reports on crimes under the jurisdiction.

Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam Le Minh Tri speaks at the event.

Tri said preventing criminals from evading justice and fighting wrongful convictions are a consistent policy and top political task of the procuracy sector.

According to the official, the settlement of criminal cases has get better year on year, with annual targets assigned by the legislature being met or surpassed. The rate of wrongful convictions has also decreased steadily over the years and N.A.’s tenures, which accounted for a very small rate compared to the number of defendants who faced trials.

The People's Procuracies at all levels fulfilled their duties and responsibilities, thus minimizing the risk of criminals evading justice, he said.

In order to strengthen the fight against corruption, Tri suggested fine-tuning mechanisms and policies, improving transparency and openness in the social and State management system, especially in sensitive areas where corruption is likely to occur while increasing effectiveness in administrative reform.

It is also necessary to perfect a synchronous and uniform legal system, the Prosecutor General added.

Source: VNA