Acknowledging Cao Bang's strategic importance as a vital gateway to Vietnam's western and northern regions, President Lam highlighted the province's potential for growth along its socio-economic and cultural challenges which require greater unity and dedication from the entire provincial Party Organization, administrations, officials, army and people to overcome them.

President To Lam speaks at the working session.

The province must fully capitalize on its strengths and competitive advantages, creating an environment conducive to attracting investment and fostering innovation and technological application, he said, calling for focused efforts on Party building and rectification to maintain internal political stability while driving socio-economic development through strategic investments in key and priority areas.

National defense and security concerns were also issues of great interest, the President said, asking the provincial authorities to remain proactive in monitoring the situation, effectively countering threats posed by hostile forces, and mitigating potential risks and complexities. He stressed the importance of vigilance to prevent the emergence of "hotspots" in the province.

The provincial authorities, in turn, asked for support from the President and relevant ministries to expedite the inauguration of Ta Lung (Vietnam) - Shuikou (China) international border gate pair.

Additionally, they also proposed the continued allocation of State funds for the construction of an expressway connecting Dong Dang town in Lang Son province and Tra Linh district in Cao Bang province during the 2021-2025 period.

Earlier, the State leader visited and presented gifts to public security officers and soldiers of Truong Ha commune in Ha Quang district.

The same day, he offered incense to Hoang Dinh Giong, a veteran leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and revolution.

Source: VNA