The delegates shared their viewpoints on the position and role of the VFF, and discussed ways to consolidate and improve the quality of front office staff, especially those holding key posts, said President of the VFF Central Committee Tran Thanh Man.

They pointed out limitations and weaknesses of the front work in 2018 as well as their root causes, setting forth solutions for 2019 and looking into the action program for the 2019-2024 term.

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The Presidium also casted votes of confidence on members of the Standing Board of the VFF Central Committee in the 2014-2019 tenure.

The conference outlined six major tasks for the Presidium in 2019, focusing on organizing all level congresses of the VFF and the national congress, improving the efficiency of the communication work, and promoting the spirit of innovation and public self-management.

Over the past year, all levels of the VFF and its member organizations have revamped their operations and actively implemented coordination programs.

The VFF’s chapters also helped build and repair nearly 18,000 houses throughout the year, joining hands with donors, agencies, and businesses to present nearly 2.8 million sets of gifts worth more than VND 1.15 trillion (USD 49.45 million) to poor households.

Source: VNA