The message noted that over the past days, torrential rains and floods have caused huge human and property losses in Central localities.

Flood in Vietnam's Central region

The Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control reported that as of December 12, eight people were killed and two others went missing due to floods. Besides, hundreds of houses and hundreds of hectares of rice and other crops were damaged.

The VFFCC Standing Board applauded the high sense of responsibility and concerted efforts of all-level Party Committees, authorities, VFF’s chapters, organizations, agencies and armed forces in searching for the missing and supporting flood victims.

In the message, the VFFCC Standing Board asked the VFF committees of the localities to coordinate with local authorities and provincial steering boards for natural disaster prevention and control to evaluate human and property losses caused by the floods and reported to the VFFCC.

The VFFCC Standing Board also announced a decision to send VND 5 million (USD 220) in aid to each family of the bereaved and missing, and VND 3 million (USD 30) to each seriously injured person.

Source: VNA