At the meeting

The top legislator urged Lao Cai to better tap its potential, advantages and important position in terms of economy, social affairs, and national defense and security.

The province should map out projects on border trade and tourism, he suggested, asking the locality to review its policies on industrial development, continue with forest protection, and preserve and build a border line of peace, cooperation and development.

More attention is needed in Party and political system building, as well as the fight against corruption and other negative phenomena, the leader continued.

Economic development should go in tandem with socio-cultural development, and the sustainable exploitation of natural resources, he reminded, asking Lao Cai to make better performance in education-training, science-technology and health care.

Lao Cai is home to 25 ethnic groups with a total population of more than 761,000, of whom more than 66% are ethnic minorities. Its GRDP grew about 9.02% last year. Its budget contribution tripled from 3 trillion VND (127.98 million USD) in 2012 to more than 10 trillion VND in 2022.

Source: VNA