At the discussions, speakers mostly approved the Government’s reports and hailed the Government’s flexible management along with achieved outcomes. They highlighted the macroeconomic stability, an 11-year record growth of 7.08 percent, State budget collections surpassing estimates after three years failing to meet targets, and lower-than-estimate budget overspending.

At the same time, NA deputies demanded that more detailed analysis is needed for the objective and subjective causes of the 2018 achievements in order to find positive factors to better serve management work in 2019 and following years. They made suggestions with the view to improving the reports on a range of social and economic issues.  

Photo: VNA

In the afternoon, a report of the NA Committee on Laws explaining and adjusting the draft law on enforcement of criminal sentences was presented to the NA, followed by debates on issues of difference. 

After the discussion, Minister of Public Security To Lam, on behalf of the law drafting board, explained issues raised by deputies.

Vice NA Chairman Uong Chu Luu requested the law drafting and verification agencies studied the NA deputies’ opinions and further refined the draft law.  

On May 23, the NA is scheduled to spend half a day to listen to a report on the revision of the draft law on alcohol harm prevention and give opinions on contentious issues in the draft.

In the afternoon, several draft laws and reports verifying some draft laws will be presented to the legislature.

Source: VNA