The draft Law on amendments and supplements to a number of articles of the Law on Pharmacy comprises three articles, which revise and supplement 44 articles in eight chapters out of 116 articles of 14 chapters of the 2016 Pharmacy Law.

An overview of the N.A.'s seventh session

Particularly, the bill adds to the 2016 Pharmacy Law some special regulations that were approved by the N.A., its Standing Committee and the Government to provide medicines and vaccines serving disease prevention and treatment during the COVID-19 period, thus ensuring feasibility and stability in case a pandemic arises.

It also supplements some regulations to speed up the development of the pharmaceutical industry in order to add appropriate and breakthrough policies for investment attraction, further promoting the research and production of medicinal ingredients, and receiving technology transfer for producing high-tech drugs, biotechnology drugs, and specialized treatments, and especially research.

Besides, the bill has some contents related to administrative reform, and medicine price management.

Meanwhile, the draft Law on Cultural Heritage (revised) has nine chapters and 102 articles, two chapters and 29 articles more than the current version. It focuses on three major issues, including policies on the completion of regulations to preserve and promote the values of cultural heritages, and attract resources for the work.

Source: VNA