At these meetings, voters were briefed on the five candidates’ biographies and their action plans.

At the meeting

In his speech, General Giang expressed his delight at being a candidate for the 15th NA in the province. He thanked the provincial Party Committee, authorities, and the provincial chapter of the Vietnam Fatherland Front for facilitating him to meet with voters.

General Giang highlighted the solidarity among the local Party Committee, authorities, armed forces and people, and their great efforts to achieve important results in all fields. He stressed that with an average economic growth rate of over 10 per cent from 2016 to 2020, Thai Nguyen province was among the top cities and provinces with the highest economic growth in the country. He also spoke highly of the high spirit of solidarity between the entire political system and people of Trang Xa commune and how it has contributed to local socio-economic development. Attentively, in 2019, the commune was recognized as a new-style rural area.

Confirming that if he is elected as a deputy to the 15th NA, he will work closely with other deputies to study and complete the laws and NA resolutions. He will also engage in policy-making to practically contribute to the national construction and protection cause, the building of the whole people’s defense disposition and the people’s security posture, especially policies related to socio-economic development in the northern midland, including Thai Nguyen province.

General Giang vowed that in his post, he would give recommendations to the Party, State, and other Governmental officials to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state management, forecast capacity and effective response to traditional and non-traditional security challenges, as well as effectively implement the Party’s guidelines and policies on defense-security, new thought on Fatherland protection, and the building of an elite, standardized, revolutionary, and gradually modernized People’s Army with several modernized army corps, services, and forces.

He pledged to direct defense agencies and military units to closely coordinate with the local Party committee, authorities, and organizations to develop the local socio-economy and culture in couple with consolidating the defense-security situation to actively prevent and control natural disasters, diseases, increase search and rescue activities and carry out policies for troops’ families.

The defense chief also promised to keep close contact with the local Party Committee, authorities, socio-politico organizations, voters, and people; make proposals to achieve the locality’s targets; and connect voters with the NA, Government, central sectors and departments to overcome the locality’s difficulties, and build the province into a modern industrial-economic center by 2030.

He thanked voters for their enthusiasm, constructive opinions, proposals, and their trust in the candidates.

Translated by Mai Huong