Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son said that the world is at a turning point towards a new, multipolar, and multilayer situation. In this context, strategic competition is more intense; flash points are more complex; and traditional and non-traditional security challenges are more apparent.

Scene of the conference

In that context, countries highlight cultural diplomacy as an effective tool to minimize differences, enhance understanding, build trust, and promote cooperation. Given the new context and requirements of the country, cultural diplomacy must be placed on par with political diplomacy and economic diplomacy, contributing to the successful implementation of the foreign policy and serving the country's rapid and sustainable socio-economic development goals, while enhancing the nation's position and reputation.

Cultural diplomacy is an integral part of Vietnam's comprehensive and modern diplomacy, where political diplomacy takes the lead; economic diplomacy is breakthrough; and cultural diplomacy serves as the spiritual foundation of Vietnam's diplomacy. The motto of "Localities, people, and businesses-centered cultural diplomacy" and the work of cultural diplomacy is a regular and continuous process and a task of the entire political system.

Translated by Chung Anh