PANO - The coast guard ship No. 2012 under the Region 2 Coast Guard Command on the morning of August 11th successfully towed ashore the troubled fishery logistics ship QNa - 93853 from the waters of Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island) of Quang Nam province.

Ship No. 2012 towing the troubled fishery logistics ship ashore.

The 11 tonne ship, with a capacity of 155 CV and captained by Tran Do, a native in Trung Chau village, Cam Kim commune, Hoi An city, went offshore on August 8th. On its way back to the shore after providing fuel, foodstuff and purchasing sea products at the area more than 90 nautical miles off the northeast of Cu Lao Cham, the ship went adrift due to a broken propeller. Unluckily, the food on the distressed ship with eight sailors on board ran out and the captain had to contact the Region 2 Coast Guard Command for help.

Being notified of the news, the command immediately sent Flotilla 202’s ship No. 2012 which was on patrol at sea to rescue the troubled ship.

On the afternoon of August 10th, ship No. 2012 approached and provided the troubled ship with food and medicines and the following day, the troubled ship was handed over to Quang Nam Provincial Border Guards in Hoi An city.

Translated by Ngoc Bich