Chief Government Inspector Tran Van Truyen has said that the fight against corruption is really a difficult task, given the fact that wrong doings have been uncovered in most inspected projects. Besides strong resolve, he said localities need specific plans to clean up corruption.

“Apart from loopholes in the system, we do not rule out the possibility of hidden motives behind these wrong doings,” Mr Truyen told VOVNews on the sidelines of the current session of the National Assembly in Hanoi. “It is a pity that our inspectors cannot find out the ins and outs of the issue as they (project contractors /agencies /localities) give different reasons to cover it up.”

However, Mr Truyen said that the fight against corruption is on the right track. In the third quarter of this year, the Central Steering Committee on Corruption Prevention and Control continued to complete its mechanism by publishing documents to support administrative reform. To establish a firm preventative system, these documents enhance the transparency of public declarations and the management of ranking officials’ property and gifts. However, the implementation of these documents is slow at grassroots levels.

“It is important that localities must know how to implement the Law on Anti-corruption and follow relevant guidelines,” said Mr Truyen. “In fact most of them have not activated the law quickly due to various reasons. They have shown their strong resolve, but not devised specific solutions,” said Mr Truyen.

One of the measures to clean up corruption is to control ranking officials’ incomes and property. But according to Mr Truyen, it is a hard task as “nobody can control incomes and property of their wives and relatives alike.”

The chief inspector said the Government is considering steps to make this more feasible.

Source: VOV