Perhaps, the most surprising is the argument that is easily found absurd, when some allege that Vietnam’s hosting of the U.S. – DPRK Summit serves “private benefits of Vietnamese leaders” rather than Vietnam’s national interests or regional and global security.

Hanoi preparing for the DPRK-USA Summit

In fact, it is not hard to understand that the even helps confirm an increasing status of Vietnam in the world. For years, the nuclear issue in the Korean peninsula has been considered a tough question or "bottlenecks" in international relations. By hosting the event, Vietnam wants to show that it is willing to contribute positively to dealing with hard international issues. This is also an opportunity for the Vietnamese people to show the world their aspirations for peace and friendship as well as their constant efforts to preserve peace for the country, region and the world.

In the context that the U.S. and DPRK have tried to break the ice in the bilateral relations with the historic meeting between the two leaders of the two country in Singapore last year, the Vietnamese people hope that their meeting in Hanoi – the Capital City of Vietnam – will lay a firm foundation for a new good relationship between the two country for peace and stability in the Korean peninsula as well as in the region and world.

Over the past few days, press and media around the world have covered a good deal of information about the event. On the Egyptian newspapers of Al-Ahram and Al-Ahram Weekly, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies Addel Moneim Said anticipated that the upcoming U.S. – DPRK Summit in Vietnam will achieve positive results, and that Vietnam is the right place for the top leaders of the two countries to reach win-win agreements.

Back to the abovementioned stories woven by forces hostile to Vietnam with the aim of downgrading the credibility of Vietnamese leaders, people with common sense can easily understand their dirty intention. The authors of the woven stories must comprehend that the upcoming summit is a promising positive sign for regional and global peace, stability and security, and Vietnam is doing its best to make its part to the process.

The fact that the top leaders of the U.S. and DPRK have objectively chosen Vietnam as the place for their meeting is significant for Vietnam as this means that both countries trust Vietnam. On the other hand, this also shows that Vietnam has increasingly good relations with both the U.S. and DPRK. For Vietnam, the U.S is one of the country’s leading partners while DPRK is a traditional friend of Vietnam. 

According to Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some 2,600 international press and media workers (more that the number of international press and media workers in Singapore last year) have registered to come to Hanoi to cover the event. As the summit draws much attention from the world, the word “Vietnam” will frequently appear on press publications and media programs, and “Hanoi” and “Vietnam” will be the most searched hashtags on Google. These benefits are obviously for the country as a whole but not for any individuals.

As soon as U.S. President Donald Trump officially announced the location where the U.S. – DPRK Summit will take place, the press and media around the world started talking about Vietnam. The Czech press and media highly valued Vietnam’s role and ability in hosting international events, and analyzed the reasons why Vietnam had been selected. One of the reasons that the Czech press and media highlighted is that Vietnam has good relations with both the U.S. and DPRK, and the two countries have their embassies in Hanoi, Vietnam.   

Reporter Roman Janouch writes on the Czech Times that Vietnam has been selected as it is a secure country, and that the country’s role and position in the world are increasing as it successfully hosted big international events, such as APEC 2017.

The Japan Times also writes, Vietnam is an ideal place for the meeting as Vietnam has an effective security system which has been appreciated by foreign leaders. The reporter also comments that Vietnam has had much experience in hosting important international events, including APEC 2017 and the World Economic Forum 2018 in Hanoi.

Writing about the upcoming U.S. – DPRK Summit on Al-Jazeera, political columnist Arab Mahmoud Al-Adam highlights Vietnam as a country with war legacy inspires peace. The journalist comments that the Air Force One flying U.S. President D. Trump to Vietnam will carry a peace signal, and that it is significant when peace solutions will be reached by the leaders of the two countries in Hanoi, the only city in the Asia Pacific that has received the prize “City for Peace” by UNESCO over the past 15 years.

It even makes more sense when the summit is held in Vietnam, a symbol of strong will and great endeavor in the war. The country that has shelved the past hostility and looks forward in its relations with the U.S. has integrated deeply in the word, expanded relations with many other countries, and received high credibility from both the U.S and DPRK to host the meeting; by doing so, it contributes much to promoting international peace and security.

Former official of the U.S. Department of State responsible for Korean Issues believed that Vietnam is a logically rational and diplomatically feasible choice. He underscored that Vietnam is a typical model that has successfully reformed its economy and normalized its relations with the U.S. in the postwar times.

While almost all the Vietnamese people with the wish to contribute positively to international peace and security are actively preparing for the U.S. – DPRK Summit, some are still going against the national interests by falsifying information and the truth in Vietnam, downgrading the role and position of the country. It is sure that they even with their dirty schemes and acts of sabotage will fail to cheat other Vietnamese people and the international community.

The U.S. – DPRK Summit will certainly be held in Hanoi, and all people with common sense hope that it will be successful, opening a new page of the relations between the two countries and contributing to regional and global peace, stability and security.

Written by My Hanh

Translated by Thu Nguyen