The visit of the Vietnamese leader to Cambodia indicates that Vietnam always attaches special importance and priority to boosting the friendly relations and comprehensive, stable and sustainable cooperation with Cambodia.

Party General Secretary and State President of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong. (Photo: VNA)

As neighboring countries, Vietnam and Cambodia uphold a long-standing traditional relationship, which has been fostered by generations of leaders and people of Vietnam and Cambodia. The relationship has become an invaluable treasure of the two countries. After years uniting in combating common foreign enemies and overthrowing the Pol Pot genocidal regime, Vietnam and Cambodia have embarked on a path of promoting cooperation and mutual support for national construction and safeguarding of each country.

Under the motto “Good neighbors; traditional friendship; and comprehensive, sustainable and long-lasting cooperation,” the two countries have ever fostered and developed their relations in all aspects, bringing substantial benefits to the two peoples. We are glad to see that the bilateral political relationship between the two countries has been flourishing. The two sides have enhanced exchange of delegations at all levels, resulting in the signing of various documents serving as the foundation for the comprehensive development of the two countries. Most recently, Vietnam and Cambodia held a lot of significant activities in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Day of Victory over the genocidal regime (January 7, 1979 – 2019).

Vietnam and Cambodia have also boosted defense-security cooperation by effectively carrying out agreed defense and security contents. The two sides have committed to never letting any other forces use the territory of one country to harm the other. They have also agreed to support each other in maintaining social and political stability, and air, land and maritime border security, as well as keeping working on finding solutions to remaining issues. Vietnam and Cambodia have also cooperated closely in searching and repatriating remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and advisors sacrificing their lives during wartime.

In terms of trade and economic relations, the two countries have witnessed encouraging development and achievements. So far, there have been 210 investment projects of Vietnam in Cambodia with the total capital of USD 3.033 billion, making Vietnam one of the five countries with the biggest investment in Cambodia. In 2018 alone, the bilateral trade value reached USD 4.68 billion, increasing by nearly 24% compared to that of 2017.

In terms of education, agriculture, transport, there have been encouraging results as the two countries’ sectors and localities have boosted cooperation in such areas. The results have contributed to maintaining a borderline of peace, stability, friendship and cooperation. The two sides have been maintaining cooperation mechanisms in exchanging information on regional and international issues and supporting each other at multilateral forums, especially the UN, ASEAN, and cooperation mechanisms in the Mekong Sub-region.

Despite difficulties and complicated world and regional situations, with efforts of both sides, Vietnam and Cambodia have made great strides in developing their bilateral relations in both scope and scale, really serving as important factors for keeping peace and maintaining long-term stability in the region, contributing to socio-economic development, independence and sovereignty of each nation.

We strongly believe that the state visit of Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong will be successful, helping strengthen bilateral relations between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Translated by Huu Duong