The Year of the Tiger 2022 was a difficult and challenging one with many unexpected developments, affecting all aspects of Vietnam in particular and the whole world in general. In the special circumstance, the whole Party, people, and military promoted patriotism, determination, solidarity, dynamism, creativity and strived to obtain many important and comprehensive achievements with many outstanding imprints.

Vietnam focused on both preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and promoting socio-economic recovery and development, building an independent and self-reliant economy in association with pro-actively and actively fostering international integration in a comprehensive, extensive and effective manner. In the year, Vietnam maintained stable social and political situation, firm national defense and security, and peaceful and stable environment for national development.

Those achievements have consolidated and enhanced people's trust in the Party, State, and the socialism, and been recognized and highly appreciated by the international community. It can be seen that the results achieved last year continued to clearly demonstrate the sound and ingenious leadership of the Party and the bravery, brainpower, and adaptability of the Vietnamese people.

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Under the leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, Party committees and chains-of-command at all levels, the whole military was united and strived to complete assigned tasks; actively researched, grasped, and properly assessed the situation, and made timely recommendations to the Party and State to successfully handle military and national defense situations to firmly defend national independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity.

The overall quality, power, and combat readiness capability of the military was improved. Vietnam also stepped up international integration and defense diplomacy in a practical and effective manner, leaving new remarks; built a politically-strong military in association with a clean, strong, exemplary, and typical Military Party Organization; maintained and strengthened the Party's absolute and direct leadership over the military in all aspects. The above-mentioned outstanding achievements have demonstrated the military's high responsibility and political determination to the Party, State, Fatherland, and people. 

The Year of the Cat 2023 is forecast to continue to be the year with great difficulties and challenges since the international environment is very complicated. Military conflicts and geopolitical uncertainties continue to negatively affect many aspects, especially in economic field. In addition, 2023 is a pivotal year in implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the 11th Military Party Congress. Therefore, this is the time that the whole Party, people, and military need to continue to uphold the spirit of solidarity, promote brainpower and will of all Vietnamese people, and arouse national pride to overcome difficulties and gain new achievements. During the past lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, at key project sites in all regions of the country such as the North-South Expressway project in the East and oil and gas projects, officials and workers still worked hard. Troops in the border areas, on islands, and the front-lines of the Fatherland firmly protected peace for the people. That spirit and responsibility should be widely spread.

Spring sun is shining in all corners of the country. All of us need to ignite our enthusiasm and research, work, and study hard right from the first days after the Tet holiday, immediately implement proposed measures to complete all set targets for the year. With a new spirit, new motivation, and new determination, it is firmly believed that the whole country will eagerly emulate to obtain achievements in the Year of the Cat 2023.

Written by Editorial Board

Translated by Tran Hoai