NA Standing Committee on the 12th terms

At its on going 4th session, the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee on December 19 discussed and approved its working and supervision programmes for 2008, and listened to reports on the supervision programmes of the NA Ethnic Council and other NA committees.

The 2008 working programme focuses on drafting legislation, deciding important issues, guiding and supervising the activities of the People’s Councils, external relations work, and preparing, convening and chairing NA sessions.

The 2008 supervision programme is aimed at considering the Government’s report on the results of implementing socio-economic tasks and State budget in 2007, allocating State and local budgets for 2009, and reviewing reports by the NA’s agencies, the Government, the People’s Supreme Court and the People’s Procuracy.

Under this programme, the NA Standing Committee will also make decisions on a number of projects, including the Dung Quat 1 Oil Refinery, the 5-million ha afforestration project and the Son La hydro-electric power plant.

At the session, NA vice chairman Uong Chu Luu stressed two important issues in the supervision programme – the equitization of State-owned enterprises and judicial activities.

Meanwhile, State Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan asked the NA Standing Committee to closely supervise the implementation of the education and sci-tech strategy, and renew methods of supervision to avoid overlapping functions among supervision agencies and localities.

The NA Standing Committee decided that from March 2008, the question time will be conducted at its sessions.

Source: VOV