In a recent article, Vu Huu Ngoan – former Vice Director of the Institute of Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh Studies – described the former leader as a deserving disciple of late President Ho Chi Minh.

Ngoan, who used to work with Do Muoi for decades, said those who met him could easily realize that he had a simple and modest life and was a warmhearted person with clear-sighted mind, who always worked for the sake of the Party, the people and the nation.

Party General Secretary Do Muoi visited the High School for Ethnic Minority Students of Tuyen Quang province in February 1992.

The former Party chief skillfully combined theories with the reality, encouraged mindset reform while attaching importance to principles. He also left profound imprints as seen in judicious viewpoints and policies such as optimizing internal strength must play the key role while external factors should be made use of, integration but not dissolution, and multilateralization and diversification of external activities, Ngoan noted.

After retiring, Do Muoi still paid attention to Party-related works. Most recently, despite his old age, he still attended the congress of the Party organization of Pham Dinh Ho ward, Hai Ba Trung district of Hanoi, for the 2015-2020 tenure. He contributed wholehearted opinions to the event, showing the enthusiasm of a revolutionary veteran.

Le Viet Hung, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the People’s Council of Pham Dinh Ho ward – where the former General Secretary lived, said that not only being an exemplary Party member, Do Muoi was also a model citizen who had very close relations with the people. The Party organization of Pham Dinh Ho ward always considers him as a great revolutionary teacher.

Residents in his home village – Dong My commune of Thanh Tri district, Hanoi – also were impressed with the late leader’s simple lifestyle.

Pham Nguyen Nhung, head of the organization board of Thanh Tri district’s Party Committee, said whenever visiting the home village, he always asked the communal and district authorities to maintain solidarity and consensus and uphold local traditions.

Secretary of the Thanh Tri Party Committee Tran Van Khuong said former General Secretary Do Muoi was the pride of the Party organization, administration and people of the district. He was a bright example of integrity, simplicity, the strong resolve to move forwards, and the devotion to the nation and the people.

Former Party General Secretary Do Muoi passed away in Hanoi on October 1 at the age of 101. Vietnam will hold two days of national mourning for him on October 6 and 7.

Source: VNA