PANO - Performing local military-defense tasks in 2023, the Hanoi Capital Command gave recommendations to the Hanoi Exercise Steering Committee to organize the Eastern Hanoi defensive area exercise with the participation of Hoang Mai, Gia Lam, and Thanh Tri districts and Infantry Division 301.

The exercise aimed to evaluate training quality of agencies and units under Infantry Division 301, local battalions of participating districts, Artillery Regiment 452, and Armored Battalion 47; troops’ combat competence and coordination; as well as enhance organizational and command capacity, thereby promoting the strengths of each locality in combat coordination among officers, local soldiers and militia and self-defense forces to create synergy, meeting the requirements of training and combat readiness tasks in the new situation.

The exercise was wrapped up successfully, completing all set contents and ensuring absolute safety for personnel and vehicles. The Hanoi Exercise Steering Committee drew practical lessons in leadership and organization of the exercise to conduct the upcoming drills in a better and more comprehensive manner.

Translated by Quynh Oanh