In his remarks, Ambassador Pham Quang Hieu stressed that Japan has been a destination for many generations of Vietnamese to work, study and develop their career.

Nearly 500,000 Vietnamese are in Japan, becoming the second biggest foreign community in the East Asian nation, he said.

At the get-together

The diplomat stressed that the Vietnamese Party and State always pay special attention to overseas Vietnamese – an integral part of the nation – and have issued various policies and guidelines for them.

He lauded contribution by Vietnamese intellectuals, including those in Japan, to the success of such events as Vietnam Summits in 2019 and 2021, and symposiums, which attracted crowds of Vietnamese and Japanese intellectuals and businesses.

Hieu expressed his hope that the AVIJ and the intellectual community in general will produce more research studies, and make more proposals and contribution, helping Vietnam apply Japan’s cutting-edge technology in socio-economic development.

At the get-together, the intellectuals exchanged information and sought ways to boost cooperation, thus forming a dynamic, united community of Vietnamese intellectuals in Japan, with increasing contribution to the development in their homeland, as well as the collaboration between the two countries.

Source: VNA