Luu Thai Hung, living in Istanbul, about 1,000km from the earthquake’s epicenter, studied in Turkey and has resided in the country for many years.

Leaving aside his job as a director of VT Travel Plus – the first and also only tourism company run by a Vietnamese in Turkey, he assisted the team of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) in performing their tasks in Hatay province.

Luu Thai Hung (third from left) and other members of the VPA team at a site in Hatay province of Turkey

Hung told the Vietnam News Agency that deep sympathies for the Turkish people and their enormous pain and loss as well as his love for the country have prompted him to volunteer to help locals surmount these trying times.

Right then the VPA team arrived to help with search and rescue work, he felt both moved and proud, and immediately decided to join the team and served as an interpreter to help them fulfill their duties.

He said that he and other volunteers gained strong support from colleagues in his company.

Accompanying the team, he has seen how the rescuers encountered and surmounted various difficulties such as in locating the exact positions of victims in devastated areas, ensuring equipment, or preparing meals amid limited conditions. However, they also received assistance from the coordinating agency, police, and Turkey's military.

Braving hardships and challenges, the military officers and volunteers like him maintained the determination to fulfill duties, Hung went on, and they obtained encouraging results.

One thing that left a strong impression on him was the Turkish people’s sentiment and gratitude toward the VPA team. They were warmly welcomed by locals in every place they came, and many residents shared food and water with the team even though the Turkish people themselves were still struggling with difficulties, he said.

Hung added that he and other Vietnamese in Turkey are always ready to help the Vietnamese task force perform tasks in the most effective manner.

Source: VNA