More than 100 Vietnamese and foreign artists and models, both professional and amateur, performed at the event, introducing the country, its culture and people to international friends while strengthening solidarity of Vietnamese community in the host country.

Vietnam Cultural Show held in London 

Hoang Ha, head of the organizing board, said the annual event was a joint effort of the Vietnamese international women federation in the U.K., Park Pharmacy, and the Love Collection Ao dai brand to honor and spread the Vietnamese culture and the image of the Vietnamese community in the country.

Ha said the success of the program has showed the affection and interest of local authorities and people in the Vietnamese culture as well as the increasing prestige of the Vietnamese community in the U.K.

All proceeds from the program were presented to the Vietnamese Women and Children Association in the U.K. to develop projects that preserve and promote traditional cultural and artistic values among the Vietnamese community in the country.

Source: VNA