The workshop, held in both online and offline formats, connected Vietnamese experts both at home and in France.

On behalf of AEEE experts, Dr. Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh and Dr. Do Minh Thang presented the situation of energy transition and digital transformation in the world and Europe.

At the event in Paris

They asserted that these are two inevitable trends for the energy industry not only in developed countries but also in developing nations like Vietnam in the new situation with urgent requirements for energy supply and environmental issues.

Dr. Tran Manh Hung, head of Vietnam’s Science and Technology Office in Paris, said that the exchange of ideas on the current situation, policies as well as technical issues has confirmed the professional quality and enthusiasm towards the Fatherland of Vietnamese energy experts living and working in France.

The association's contribution of opinions and analysis from an objective professional perspective is a valuable source of support for agencies in Vietnam in the assessment of energy technology that Vietnam is currently recommended and handed over by other countries.

The two sides also agreed on continued cooperation to provide more information and experience on economic efficiency and social impacts of new technologies in Vietnam, based on analysis of the exploitation and application process in developed countries.

Source: VNA