As a predecessor of the association, Foyer Vietnam featuring Vietnamese traditional foods made its debut in Paris’s District 5 in the 1960s and has been considered a place for overseas Vietnamese in France and Vietnam’s French friends to meet and share their love for Vietnamese culture, language, cuisine and history.

Foyer Vietnam joins in the organization of Ici Vietnam Festival, an annual event in Paris.

Speaking at the celebration, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang said that for years, Foyer Vietnam has been the place to connect Vietnamese generations in France and international friends. It also presents the friendship and solidarity between the two peoples.

Thang highly appreciated the participation of Foyer Vietnam’s managers in activities supporting Vietnam, particularly in the dioxin lawsuit by a French - Vietnamese woman Tran To Nga who who sued U.S. firms for manufacturing the toxic AO defoliant used by U.S. forces during the war in Vietnam.

Nguyen Binh, President of the Foyer Vietnam Association, said that it is a bridge serving individuals, associations and businesses that have a connection with Vietnam or wish to have the connection.

A meeting room at Foyer Vietnam

“Through lending meeting rooms, providing food, promoting activities of Vietnamese associations, Foyer Vietnam becomes a place for associations and individuals to meet and exchange,” he said.

Vo Dinh Kim, a representative of Collectif Vietnam Dioxin, an association supporting the lawsuit of Tran To Nga and Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange, said that Foyer Vietnam is a very convenient place to meet or hold meetings while they can enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes.

He said his association holds meetings there monthly and thanks to Foyer Vietnam, they can keep contact with other Vietnamese associations to mobilize support for their activities.

Source: VNA