People in Berlin wear masks to prevent COVID-19 infections. Photo: Xinhua

The recommendations were issued amidst more COVID-19 cases reported among the Vietnamese community in Germany.

The embassy suggested that Vietnamese people should not organise gatherings of more than two families, and should wear face masks at shops and public places, and keep a distance from others of at least 1.5 metres.

Shops and restaurants need to control the number of customers and ensure a safe distance, the embassy said, adding that suspected cases or those who have contact with patients must self-quarantine and quickly contact local medical facilities for testing and treatment.

Twelve out of 329 Vietnamese in Berlin who had COVID-19 tests on May 30, and June 1-2 have turned out positive for the novel coronavirus, doctors confirmed on June 4.

The doctors have informed the results to the patients and local medical agencies, and asked those who have tested negative for the virus to stay vigilant as Germany is still grappling with the pandemic.

Source: VNA