From June 11, force has fired hundreds of missiles and launched drones, leading to serious losses in terms of life and property, and causing fires that devastated many areas in Northern Israel, while Israel has also increased its offensive activities on Lebanese territory, the embassy said in a statement.

Israel's Iron Dome air defense system has been activated to intercept missiles from the Hezbollah force in Lebanon.

It held that the international community has warned that the recent increase in scale and intensity of mutual attacks and retaliation by the two sides may lead to the risk of a full-blown conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

In the face of this situation, in order to ensure utmost safety for Vietnamese citizens, the embassy advised them to regularly update news on reputable local media, while minimizing travelling to areas with a low level of security and safety as well as zones at risk of attacks by the Hezbollah force, especially Northern Israel, strictly complying with regulations and instructions on security and safety measures of the local government, and pro-actively preparing plans to ensure safety for themselves and their family.

The embassy also recommended that the Vietnamese community keep a close contact with the embassy, and provided its phone numbers and email addresses for the community in case of emergency and seeking support and information about citizen protection plans.

Since October 2023, nearly 400 people have died in Lebanon and 28 in Israel. Particularly, both sides have recently released tough statements, showing the risk of a full-blown conflict. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned on June 21 that “one rash move – one miscalculation” could trigger a “catastrophe” of a new war.

Source: VNA