Vietnam’s ancient porcelains and their sophistication and creativity are being introduced to visitors to the ongoing exhibition entitled “China Mania! The Global Passion for Porcelain 900-1900” at the Asian Civilisations Museum of Singapore.

Among them is a blue and white vase made in the north of Vietnam from the 15th century, which is showcased in the centre of the exhibition.

 A blue and white vase.


According to the organising board, although the method to create the blue of the vase has yet been known, it can be affirmed that such sophisticated colouring technique in Southeast Asia at the time was held only by Vietnamese artisans.

The vase also bears impressive, vivid decorative patterns of fish and Makara, a mythical creature that is part-animal, part-reptile, and part-fish, and often seen in art in Southeast Asia.

Kan Shuyi, a curator at the Asian Civilisations Museum of Singapore, said Vietnam held a position in the global and Southeast Asian history of the porcelain-making art since it was one of the largest producers and exporters of the product from the 14th century.

She emphasised that many Vietnamese porcelains have been found in the Philippines, Java, Sulawesi, the Malay peninsular, and even Japan and Turkey.

Running from August 2 to September 14, the exhibition displays 150 items coming not only from China but also many countries around the world to feature how international trade and cultural exchanges had impacted the making of porcelains globally.

Source: VNA