Quy, who is Chairman of the committee, highly spoke of the political-security progress in South Sudan since the transitional government was established, setting the scene for the protection of vulnerable people, including children.

South Sudanese children still face many challenges, he said, calling the country’s government and concerned parties to continue implement its joint action program on child protection with the U.N.

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the U.N.

The diplomat also urged concerned parties in South Sudan to ensure children’s access to food, education and health care, and to further promote the reintegration program for children recruited by armed groups.

He voiced his hope that the U.N., its members, regional organizations and other international partners will continue providing support for South Sudan in its transition process, particularly in protecting the children.

Committee 2206, established pursuant to the UNSC’s Resolution 2206, is mandated to supervise the implementation of measures of the UNSC to enhance assurance of peace and security in South Sudan.

Source: VNA