For its achievements, the U.N. has been recognized by the international community as a global organization with a particularly important role in global political life. The U.N. actually serves as an indispensable platform for building a world of peace, prosperity and equality. Major contributions of the U.N. over the past time cover various areas ranging from peace-keeping operations, international security, human development and human right promotion, international law reinforcement, and more.

Vietnam officially joined the U.N. on September 20, 1977.

Vietnam officially joined the U.N. on September 20, 1977. The bilateral relations between Vietnam and the U.N. have since contributed to protecting and promoting the nation’s interests, especially the maintenance of a peaceful, secure and favorable environment for the development of the nation. The relations have also helped deepen the relations of Vietnam and other countries, major partners and friends so as to make full use of important resources for the country’s development.

By actively engaging itself in and making contributions to U.N. activities, Vietnam has been considered by the U.N. and the international community as a success story in realizing the U.N. millennium development goals and a country with a high resolve in carrying out the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development, the Paris Agreement on climate change, and promoting reform initiatives of the U.N. Those contributions serve as the basis for enhancing Vietnam’s prestige and for the country to be voted to important posts in U.N. agencies.

As the Chair of the U.N. Security Council in January 2020, Vietnam administered and presided over events and activities and represented the U.N. Security Council in dealing with relations with other countries, U.N. agencies, regional organizations, the international community, and the press. Vietnam has left an important milestone by organizing two events: The open debate of the U.N. Security Council on “Upholding the Charter to maintain international peace and security” and the First U.N.-ASEAN Cooperation Meeting at the U.N. Security Council.

Moreover, as a non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, Vietnam has participated more in the work of the council in the spirit of independence, self-resilience, activeness, responsibility and balance. The active participation of Vietnam has clearly shown the country’s position of supporting the U.N. Charter and basic principles of international law and advocating solving disputes and conflicts by peaceful means. Member countries have highly appreciated the efforts and experience of Vietnam in its national reconstruction, development and international integration.

Making good use of the “dual role” as a non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council for the 2020-2021 term and the ASEAN Chair in 2020, Vietnam has effectively organized the U.N. Security Council meeting on U.N.-ASEAN cooperation. The country has regularly emphasized the role of regional organizations in solving regional problems. Vietnam has also focused on a number of issues that capture the attention and support of the majority of U.N. members, and promoted its role and contributed to the U.N. Security Council. The issues consist of UXO consequence settlement, post-conflict reconstruction, protection of civilians in armed conflicts, security and climate change, U.N. peacekeeping operations, and more.

In September every year, leaders of U.N. member countries gather at the headquarters of the U.N. in New York to join the discussion in the annual session of the General Assembly. This year, due to the COVID-19, the 75th UNGA High-Level Week is being held in both online and offline sessions.

Accordingly, leaders of member countries record speeches to show at the UNGA meeting or representatives of the countries present their speeches directly at the U.N. headquarters in New York. Senior leaders of Vietnam will attend the week in the video-recording form. It is expected that General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh will send messages to the event.

We strongly believe that the 75th UNGA High-Level Week will be successfully held, helping reaffirm the shared commitment to multilateralism and effectively pushing up the current global efforts of the U.N. in various fields. The participation of Vietnam’s senior leaders in this event shows Vietnam’s support for and high appreciation of the role of the U.N. and its desire to enhance the effectiveness of its cooperation with the U.N. Vietnam will remain a member of high responsibility and an active and substantial contributor to the U.N. and the international community.

The People’s Army Newspaper

Translated by Huu Duong