In a recent interview with the Vietnam News Agency, Viet said that Vietnam will serve as the rotary Chairman of the UNSC for the second time during its 2020-2021 tenure as a non-permanent member, which is an important task for the country.

Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Department of International Organisations Do Hung Viet speaks at a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The country has made thorough consideration in setting the three priorities to ensure that they suit the interests and concerns of both Vietnam and the international community.

According to Viet, regional organisations are important partners in addressing regional issues, because they have good understanding of the relations between countries in the region as well as regional history and culture. Therefore, they could make specific and practical contributions to the search for solutions to regional problems.

The second priority is the settlement of bomb and mine consequences, which is both a global issue and a matter of significance to Vietnam.

Viet cited statistics that showed some 60 countries worldwide are affected by unexploded ordnances, with around 15,000 people injured or dead every year.

The third priority during Vietnam’s chairmanship is to protect infrastructure essential for residents in conflicted areas.

When serving as chair of the UNSC for the first time during the tenure in January 2020, Vietnam had skillfully and effectively handled the differences among countries, following its foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, diversification and multilateralisation, according to Viet. He added that Vietnam has good relations with many countries worldwide, including the UNSC permanent members. This is a favourable condition for the nation to carry out missions of a UNSC Chair.

However, the official said formidable challenges are ahead due to complicated developments of global and regional politics and security. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the UNSC switch its meetings and discussions from in-person to online format, which pose certain difficulties to the process of exchange, discussion and negotiation.

He added that Vietnam had considerable experience in holding online conferences during its ASEAN Chairmanship in 2020, so the country is confident it can excellently perform its role as the UNSC Chair next month.

As an active and prestigious ASEAN member, Vietnam will also work to promote ASEAN roles at the UNSC, he said, adding Vietnam will invite Brunei – the ASEAN Chair in 2021 to attend a UNSC meeting on the role of regional organisations in preventing disputes, where it will highlight ASEAN’s efforts in boosting trust and enhancing dialogues to tackle regional issues.

Source: VNA