The French News Agency AFP has widely covered the elections in Vietnam. In an article, it quoted the Head of the United Nations mission in the country, John Hendra, as saying that the Vietnamese National Assembly was performing its better role in ensuring the government’s responsibility.

The UK News Agency Reuters on May 22 ran excerpts from an interview granted by Party General Secretary and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong to the media, which highlighted the great significance of electing  deputies to the 13th National Assembly (NA) and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2011-2016 term.

Mr Trong said,” Apart from advantages, Vietnam still faces economic challenges and difficulties, caused by the domestic economy and the impact of the global financial meltdown and schemes of sabotage by hostile forces. But, by virtue of national tradition and coordinated effort, the Vietnamese Government and people will weather the storm to build a better country as late President Ho Chi Minh wished.”

The Chinese News Agency and Xinhua ran many  illustrated articles on the elections in Vietnam.

Xinhua said 62 million voters throughout the country went to the polls to elect 500 deputies to the 13th NA and 300,000 representatives to the People’s Councils at all levels.

The Chinese People’s Daily highlighted reforms in the NA elections, which included encouraging non-Party and self-nominated candidates to run for the NA election.

The US News Agency Bloomberg noted that there were many self-nominated candidates running for the top legislative body this time. It also praised Vietnam’s efforts to maintain political stability.

The Financial Times reported on a 47-year-old businessman who was one of the self- nominated candidates in Hanoi, saying Vietnamese leaders are paying more attention to businesspeople’s efforts in stabilising economic development.

The Russian press emphasised that the elections took place in Vietnam following the success of the 11th National arty Congress. Despite still facing challenges and difficulties, Vietnam has been on the right track for economic development over the years.

Vietnam’s elections in foreigners’ eyes

During these days, the capital city of Hanoi has been spruced up with flags, flowers, posters and banners welcoming the election day. This view is quiet fascinating.

Chuck Searcy, Chief Representative of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF), said the elections gave fresh impetus to everyone to freely express their opinions and select the most prospective candidates as their representatives. The Vietnamese Government is very lucky to have support from the people. Listening to their opinions will make it much easier for the government to handle important affairs.

Javier, a Spanish who is working for a travel company in Hanoi said a sea of flags, banners and posters appearing everywhere on the election day showed the Vietnamese people’s great patriotism and their positive response to the most important political event of the country.

Over the past years, under the leadership of the Communist Party Vietnam (CPV) Vietnam has recorded tremendous achievements in the Doi Moi (renewal) process, increasingly praising its image and position in the international arena, said Business Director of Maventus Group, Andre Sauvegeot.

Following the elections of deputies to the most powerful body, Vietnam will continue to promote socialist democracy and reinforce a socialist law-governed State of the people, by the people and for and the people.

Source: VOV