The event was held on the occasion of the Nordic Day (March 23) and aimed to share experiences, notably both successes and losses, of the Nordic socio-economic model in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

At the seminar

Addressing the meeting, Associate Professor, Doctor Le Quoc Ly, Vice Director of the Academy, affirmed that the Nordic socio-economic model has reached various impressive achievements, particularly very high growth rates, advanced social welfare systems, effective environmental protection and preservation of cultural values, all of which serve as good references for other countries, including Vietnam.

Speaking at the meeting, four speakers from the Nordic countries spoke about the history of the formation and development of the bloc; experiences in promoting coordination and building confidence among the members; social dialogue models and gender equality in the labor market.

All delegates agreed that the meeting was a practical and useful activity, which helped strengthen the unity and friendship between Vietnam and Nordic countries, and promote socio-economic development in each country, contributing to peace, cooperation and prosperity of the region and world.

Translated by Thu Nguyen