Attending the meeting were representatives of delegations from more than 50 APG member countries.

An overview of the meeting summarizing the activities of the Asia Pacific Group at the U.N. in April

In the summary report, the Vietnamese diplomat reviewed the large amount of work the Vietnamese delegation handled in April when assuming the APG Chairmanship, especially in coordinating and collecting proposals and information related to nominations of APG member countries as well as promoting consensus on the group's candidacies for positions at U.N. agencies.

Assuming the APG Chairmanship, Vietnam also drafted and presented a number of joint statements on behalf of the group, including the first joint statement of the group on issues relating to indigenous people at the high-level event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the World Conference on the topic, he said.

Speaking at the meeting, representatives of many member countries thanked Vietnam and appreciated its management and coordination as APG Chair in April.

At the end of the meeting, Giang officially handed over the APG Chairmanship to the representative of the Vanuatu Permanent Mission to the U.N.

Source: VNA