According to the author, Vietnam may win more than international praise, especially in political terms.

The country has been highly transparent in its response to the crisis through broadcasting regularly on television and keeping its citizens updated on the pandemic via text messages, the article wrote, adding that national media is being inundated with public praise over the effectiveness of government and the Party.

It affirmed that the effectiveness of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped boost the country’s prestige in the international arena.

At an airport in Vietnam

With only a fraction of the healthcare budget of other successful countries, the performance of Vietnam’s healthcare services is surprising, as it not only has successfully contained the virus, but also has donated medical supplies to other countries.

The article stressed that the support reflects the country’s international spirit and sense of responsibility, especially when it is currently the chair of ASEAN and a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

The author also said that Vietnam will likely bounce back quickly after the pandemic thanks to government efficiency and resilience during the crisis. Vietnam’s success in containing the pandemic will make it a good destination for Western firms to invest during the post-coronavirus period, especially firms from the United States or Europe.

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Source: VNA