Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh attended and delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony.

Deputy PM Binh said, illegal drug production and trafficking have remained complex and are growing at an alarming rate around the world while drug crime has negatively affected all aspects of life in communities and  the socio-economic development of all nations.

Against this backdrop, regional countries have promoted cooperation to control the drug situation, and they have obtained positive outcomes, the Deputy PM noted.

Deputy PM Truong Hoa Binh speaks at the event

He emphasized that together with other countries, the Vietnamese Government has made great efforts to implement comprehensively effective measures to prevent and control drug crime, with a focus on reducing both drug supply and demand.

In 2019, Vietnam’s anti-drug forces have coordinated closely with foreign partners in seizing several tones of drugs, most of which would go to other countries.

Deputy PM Binh noted Vietnam and other ASEAN countries have agreed to eliminate the scourge of drugs for the sake of a drug-free ASEAN. To meet this end, they have effectively implemented many cooperation initiatives such as the ASEAN ministers and senior officials’ meetings on drug matters, the ASEAN center for drug crime information, the ASEAN working group on fighting drug trafficking by air and sea, and the ASEAN plan on drug control in the Golden Triangle area.

The Deputy PM highlighted that drug crime is a global issue that no single country can resolve on its own, but all countries need to join hands in the combat.

At the opening ceremony 

Vietnam highly values the DEA, AFP and UNODC’s support for the countries to carry out cooperation activities in the work in the region, he said, calling for all nations and international organizations to pay more attention to and continue supporting the fight against drugs.

Through the ministerial meeting, the Vietnamese Government wants to affirm its strong commitment in its cooperation with regional countries and other international partners in the fight against drugs, thereby joining the international community’s efforts to address this global issue, Deputy PM Binh stressed.

After the opening ceremony, Minister of Public Security General To Lam chaired a plenary session to review outcomes of regional cooperation in the fight against drug crime, discussing measures to promote regional and international cooperation and coordination in effectively preventing drug production, trading and trafficking.

The conference is also expected to issue a joint statement.

Source: CAND

Translated by Thu Nguyen