Conducted in a hybrid format in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the two-day consultation aims to support ASEAN’s endeavor to strengthen its policies and regional collaboration in order to achieve sustainable recovery, while simultaneously protecting human rights and the environment.

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In his welcome remarks on May 29, Aishah Bidin, Representative of Malaysia to AICHR said that the issue of climate change is a major concern to ASEAN, as Southeast Asia is one of the most at-risk regions in the world to the impacts of climate change.

For his part, Igor Driesmans, the E.U. Ambassador to ASEAN, affirmed that being one of the world’s fastest-growing areas, ASEAN region continues to attract international investment, including from Europe.

According to Driesmans, economic growth must be balanced with the protection of the planet and citizens, a top priority of the E.U.-ASEAN Strategic Partnership.

In his keynote, Ian Fry, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Climate Change highlighted the key principles in advancing a human-rights based approach in the context of climate change.

Source: VNA