Addressing the event, Andries Gryffroy, First Vice President of the Belgian Senate and President of the Belgian - Vietnamese Alliance, gave a presentation of the Vietnamese economy’s development and business trends in the Southeast Asian country.

He told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) that reasons for making investment and doing business in Vietnam include a stable and prosperous economy, the country’s strategic position, and young and educated workforce, competitive labor costs, and continuously developing infrastructure.

Harvesting coffee in Vietnam

Besides, the Government’s support policies for foreign investment, and free trade agreements like the E.U. - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the E.U. - Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) are creating optimal conditions for European investors in Vietnam and Vietnamese investors in Europe.

Vietnam is also a “golden gate” to Southeast Asia, he affirmed.

Daniel Vandenberghe, an international advisor to the Flanders' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VOKA), perceived that the economy of Vietnam is showing highly impressive development and establishing itself as an attractive destination for European investors, especially amid mounting inflation in Europe.

At the workshop, some insiders also shared experience in investing and doing business in Vietnam, including Karine De Vleeshouwer from Flanders Investment & Trade and Gert Lambrecht from insurance firm Credenco.

Source: VNA