In his remarks, President Putin highlighted numerous successes achieved by many Vietnamese alumni and acknowledged their significant contributions to the two countries’ traditional cooperation and friendship over the past years.

Vietnamese President To Lam (right) and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at their cordial meeting with leaders of the Vietnam-Russia Friendship Association and Vietnamese alumni who had studied in Russia

The Russian leader expressed his hope that they would continue to play a bridging role in helping the younger generations of Vietnam to understand more about the Russian culture, country and people, thereby preserving and fostering the traditional brotherly friendship between the two nations.

Guests took this occasion to express their readiness to uphold the tradition, contributing to the cultivation of the bilateral friendly and cooperative ties.

In his speech, President Lam stated that many generations of Vietnamese, including those who have never set foot in Russia, have always cherished the country, its people, culture, spirit, and language through books, films, and even stories shared by those who have been to Russia.

The State leader emphasised that the Vietnamese people are grateful for the enduring friendship and loyalty of their Russian friends. In the context of complex regional and global developments, Vietnam and Russia will continue to uphold their tradition of solidarity and mutual trust, standing side by side to overcome difficulties and challenges for the sake of their people.

President Lam noted the heartfelt comments from attendees showed that despite the vast geographical distance, the Vietnamese people remain interested in and supportive of Russia. They are pleased with Russia's achievements and development, and they always wish for the nation’s prosperity, growth, and success in overcoming all hurdles and challenges.

Source: VNA