The meeting is an important event in bilateral ties, which helps promote the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries in the field of national security, crime prevention and combat and protection of social order and safety.

Vietnamese Minister of Public Security General To Lam (right, front line) and his Chinese counterpart Zhao Kezhi sign the minutes of the meeting.

This is also a chance for both sides to evaluate the outcomes of cooperative agreements between the two ministries since the previous meeting in Beijing in October 2018, and sketch out measures to promote cooperation to 2022.

Prior to the meeting, on the same day, the Ministry of Public Security held an official welcoming ceremony for the Chinese delegation led by Minister Zhao Kezhi.

Over the past two years, on the foundation of the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two Parties and States, the partnership between the two Public Security Ministries has been reinforced in many aspects such as the exchange of delegation and professional information and personnel training.

The two sides have coordinated closely in combating all types of crime, especially drug-related, high –tech and economic crimes, and worked together in seizing wanted criminals, managing entries and exits, contributing to ensuring political security as well as social order and safety in each country, especially along the shared border.

Specifically, authorised agencies of both sides have cooperated in cracking down drug-related crimes rights from the border and border gates.

Since 2018, the two sides conducted four raids against drug-related crimes, especially trans-national cases, while completing coordination mechanisms on joint investigation in drug-related cases.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security has assisted the Chinese side in identifying many high-technology criminals involving Chinese nationals operating in Vietnam, as well as in arresting and handing over the criminals to the Chinese side.

Vietnamese and Chinese authorities have collaborated in combating human trafficking cases, especially the trafficking of Vietnamese women to China, and rescued many Vietnamese victims.

During this meeting, the two ministers reached agreement on measures to improve collaboration efficiency in protecting domestic security in each country and the efficiency of cooperation in crime prevention and control in the future, focusing on holding crackdowns on trans-national crimes such as terrorism, high-tech, human trafficking and drug-related crimes.

The eighth meeting will be held in China in 2022.

Functional units of the two ministries signed three MoUs on cooperation in fighting high-tech crime, crime related to telecommunications and Internet networks, and management of migrants and enter-exit activities.

Source: VNA