At the talks (Photo: gialai.toaan.gov.vn)

Binh elaborated that the two sides have exchanged their high-level and expert-level delegations in order to expand collaboration and strengthen research in the legislative and judicial fields. The Vietnamese court has learned a lot from Russia’s experience in court apparatus organization, such as its overhauling of the policies for judges and juvenile justice.

For the Supreme People's Court to fulfill its mission in the realization of the strategy for building and perfecting the socialist rule-of-law State of Vietnam till 2030 with orientations to 2045, the cooperation in sharing information and experience on the law and justice by Russia and its Supreme Court is of special significance, Binh noted.

He expressed his belief in the growth of the Vietnam - Russia ties and in the more practical contribution of the courts’ joint work to the countries’ development and traditional ties.

For his part, Mikhailovich stated the collaboration and friendship between the two countries have brought about fruitful outcomes, with their judicial systems actively coordinating to exchange experiences and improve the legal system via many signed projects.

He highly appreciated the fact that representatives of the Vietnamese justice sector always actively participate in international seminars and conferences on international disputes, reflecting the desire to solve problems in accordance with international law.

Mikhailovich took the occasion to invite Binh to attend the Asia-Pacific judicial conference organized by Russia in the Russian Far East in early this October.

Source: VNA