At the meeting (Photo: vufo.org.vn)

In his remarks, Nguyen Van Huynh, Deputy Chairman of the VUFO’s Vietnam Peace Committee, held that Vietnam and the U.S. have witnessed positive developments in their relations since the normalization of diplomatic ties in 1995 and the establishment of the comprehensive partnership in 2013.

Huynh, who is also a permanent member of the Vietnam-U.S. Association, acknowledged the PTVN’s considerable contributions to helping Vietnam settle war legacies.

In turn, PTVN CEO Claire Yunker said that for over 24 years of its operation in Vietnam, the organization has not only conducted unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance, but also actively held training and mine risk education, supported community development, and promoted people-to-people diplomacy to build up mutual trust, understanding, and friendship between the two peoples.

Reportedly, PTVN was set up in 1995 and is the first U.S. non-governmental organization licensed by the Government of Vietnam to support UXO clearance in Vietnam.

Translated by Van Hieu