These include 120,000 medical masks donated by the VRCS, and 300,000 masks donated by the Vietnam-U.S. Alumni Club (VUSAC)-Hanoi.

In her speech at the ceremony, Chairwoman of the VRCS Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu said the donations are a very small number compared to what is needed in the U.S., but there is so much love behind every one of those masks.

US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink receives the donations

The gifts show the solidarity and friendship between the Vietnamese people and their U.S. counterparts, she added.

In accepting the donations, U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink thanked the VRCS and individuals and organizations who contributed to these donations through VUSAC-Hanoi.

He expressed his belief that people-to-people relations are the most solid foundation for close and lasting ties between nations.

“I am so honored to be witnessing this outpouring of love and support”, he said.

The diplomat also praised the Vietnamese Government for successfully responding to COVID-19 with a spirit of initiative, cooperation and transparency, adding that Vietnamese people have joined hands with their high determination to contain the disease.

Fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic together has spotlighted the nature of strength, flexibility and multifaceted cooperation in the Vietnam-U.S. relationship, he said.

Source: VNA