Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Mawe receives the gift from the Vietnamese Government and people. Photo: baoquocte

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Deputy Foreign Minister To Anh Dung handed over 100,000 made-in-Vietnam antibacterial cloth face masks to the Swedish Government and people.

Addressing the ceremony, Dung said Vietnam highly appreciated the Swedish government’s efforts in response to the pandemic. He hoped that the gift from the Vietnamese Government and people will help protect Swedish people’s health and the country will overcome this crisis soon.

For her part, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Mawe thanked the Government and people of Vietnam for the valuable gift, describing it as vivid evidence of the traditional friendship and the close and effective cooperation between the two countries in different fields, including the medical field.

She highly valued the Vietnamese Government’s outstanding achievements in fighting COVID-19. She believed that with effort and solidarity, the countries will win the fight, and that relations between Vietnam and Sweden will continue developing in both bilateral and multilateral aspects in the coming time.

At the ceremony presenting medical supplies to the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Association. Photo: thoidai

The same day, to help the Cambodian people contain COVID-19, the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association handed over 12,500 face masks, 500 bottles of disinfectant, and 50 million VND to the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Association at the Cambodian Embassy in Hanoi.

At the ceremony, Cambodian Ambassador to Vietnam Chay Navuth expressed his thanks to the Vietnamese people and the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association for their support amid the complicated COVID-19 pandemic.

He recalled Vietnam’s wholehearted assistance to the Cambodian people in the fight against the genocidal Pol Pot regime and national revival.

The gift-giving aims to promote the solidarity and traditional friendship between the two countries.

Translated by Chung Anh