Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba Nguyen Trung Thanh

The Ambassador made that statement on the sidelines of the 30th Diplomatic Conference held in Hanoi which concluded on August 17.

According to the diplomat, Vietnam and Cuba have a firm good political relationship and a determination to boost their trade cooperation. Besides, the two economies can support each other. Even when the bilateral trade agreement has not come to life, Vietnam is Cuba’s 2nd largest trading partner in Asia and is one of the 10 largest foreign investors in the country.

Ambassador Thanh also held that Vietnam experienced the subsidy period during which the country faced numerous difficulties. However, Vietnam has succeeded in the renewal process. And Vietnam is sharing its experience gained in that process with Cuba in a carefree manner.

“Vietnamese people have not only followed but also supported Cubans’ revolutionary cause. Vietnam has always backed Cuba’s effort to pursue a new socio-economic development model in order to build a Cuba of independence, sovereignty, socialism, democracy, prosperity and sustainability,” said the Vietnamese diplomat.

Ambassador Thanh emphasized that the Vietnamese embassy in Cuba will exert more efforts to become part of the effective and practical trade and economic solutions between Vietnam and Cuba in the future and create more larger-scale cooperation between the two countries.

Many difficulties are lying ahead, it is certain that a large economic space will be created to boost the two countries’ trade-economic relations, Thanh stressed.

Translated by Mai Huong