He twitted that, “Today marks 43 years since the victorious arrival of the Vietnamese fighters to Saigon (current Ho Chi Minh City), thus ending the war and the U.S. military and political occupation of the area. Through this heroic triumph, Vietnam united as one.”

The Venezuelan Government also sent congratulations to the Vietnamese Government and people on the important event.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Source: eurasiantimes.com

In an official statement posted on its website, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela wrote that the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, on behalf of the Government and the Venezuelan people, expressed the warmest congratulations to the Government and people of Vietnam on the 43rd anniversary of the South Liberation and National Reunification.

It noted that from this important achievement, Vietnam entered a period of war consequences settlement and economic recovery on the path to successfully building a socialist model with Vietnamese characteristics.

The ministry also reiterates Venezuela’s desire to strengthen political ties, bilateral cooperation and friendship for the sake of the well-being of the two Venezuelan and Vietnamese people and the sovereignty of the two countries.

Source: VNA