Handing over the face masks to the Ministry of Health, UNDP Resident Representative Caitlin Wiesen congratulated Vietnam for its success in combating COVID19, with more than half of the COVID-19 patients fully recovered.

She reiterated the UNDP’s commitment to support this effort, building on the existing memorandum of understanding signed between UNDP and MoH supporting the health sector on readiness in response to climate change and capacity building for centralized procurement.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a shortage of critical personal protective equipment, putting health care workers at risk,” she said.

UNDP Resident Representative Caitlin Wiesen hands over the surgical face masks to representatives from the Ministry of Health.

“UNDP is helping the Ministry of Health procure critically needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies to support doctors, nurses and health staff at the front-line of this crisis.”

“We highly appreciate UNDP’s present of 20,000 masks for health and its assistance in procuring N95 masks for the disease prevention and control work,” said Nguyen Nam Lien, Director General of the MoH’s Department of Planning and Finance.

UNDP has been working closely with relevant ministries and UN organizations to support Vietnam to respond to COVID-19, as part of its mission to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and build resilience to crisis and shocks.

In response to COVID-19, the UNDP is working with the Ministry of Health and WHO in the communication campaign ‘Spreading the word – #LeaveNoOneBehind’ to reach out to ethnic minority people and people with disabilities. The campaign promotes COVID-19 prevention messages through animation and other communication means in ethnic minority and sign languages.

In addition, UNDP in collaboration with UNWomen is conducting a rapid assessment of economic impacts of the crisis by surveying about 600 vulnerable households and 500 micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). This will contribute to the COVID-19 Impact Assessment led by the National Center for Information and Forecast of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

In the longer term, UNDP will look at innovative ways to support Vietnam to better prevent and manage such crises and ensure the country makes full use of the lessons learned from this crisis to build back better.

Source: VNA