Thanh Hoa also pledges to create favourable conditions for the two countries’ people to intensify economic ties and cultural exchanges to build a border line of peace and friendship.

Officials from Thanh Hoa province's Confederation of Labour and Houaphanh's Federation of Trade Unions meet in June 

Over the past years, the two provinces have maintained regular visits of all-level delegations. Earlier this year, they signed a cooperation agreement in the socio-economic and security fields during a working visit by Thanh Hoa’s leaders to Houaphanh.

Thanh Hoa has stepped up economic partnership with Houaphanh. At present, 16 local enterprises are exporting their products to the Lao province. Local investors’ operations have also proved effective, contributing to the Lao province’s economic growth.

Last year, the two police forces coordinated in detecting 25 drug smuggling cases involved over 40 people.

They also worked together in the fight against the trading of counterfeit money and weapons, and human trafficking, and in preventing illegal religious activities.

Source: VNA