Dr. Alexander Sokolovsky, Chairman of the Russia – Vietnam Friendship Association of Primorye province, stressed that the visit is necessary. He commented that the bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership is solid and promising and needs to be maintained regularly. As the two countries are striving to develop their relations practically for mutual benefits, he suggested further promoting economic and trade ties which remain modest compared to their potential.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc 

Asso. Prof., Dr. Artem Lukin, Deputy Director for Research at the School of Regional and International Studies under the Far Eastern Federal University of Russia (DVFU), said it is the first Russia visit by President Phuc in his new position and one of the first overseas trips since he took office in April, showing that Russia is of special importance to Vietnam.

Vietnam is also a special partner and the only country in Southeast Asia to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia, he said, adding that economic affairs will be one of the important topics tabled for discussions during the visit.

The scholar also lauded the ability and qualifications of the Vietnamese students at the DVFU and wished that more Vietnamese will come there for study and vice versa. He added that the visit will push bilateral ties forward despite the pandemic as the two nations have long been close friends and partners.

Dr. Evgeny Vlasov, Deputy Vice President for International Relations at the DVFU, said President Phuc will be one of a few foreign leaders to directly meet President Vladimir Putin this year.

In his opinion, one of the most important discussions during the visit will be cooperation against COVID-19 and regional stability. He also mentioned bilateral collaboration in military technology, regional security and stability, economy and trade.

He took note of Vietnam’s important role and its willingness to help Russia approach ASEAN. Additionally, promoting economic and trade ties between Vietnam and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is also important to Vietnam – Russia ties, he said.

According to the scholar, the Russian and Vietnamese Presidents will have a meaningful conversation that outlines detailed plans to further boost bilateral ties in the near future.

Source: VNA