Talking to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Dr. Sun Wenbin, Director of the institute, said President Ho Chi Minh, known as Tong Van So at that time, chose the appropriate time and venue for the conference to establish the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930).

Dr. Sun Wenbin, Director of the Hong Kong Chronicles Institute

Sharon Zhang, Editorial Assistant at the institute, said the conference was significant to the revolutionary movement as well as the struggle for national liberation in Vietnam.

President Ho Chi Minh was arrested by local authorities and expected to be handed over to the French, Zhang said, expressing her impression of the President’s miracle escape at that time.

For the Vietnam-China relations, Sun said President Ho Chi Minh played an important role in the ties, noting like Vietnamese, many Chinese people have called him “Uncle Ho.”

Sharon Zhang, Editorial Assistant at the institute

In a letter sent to Chinese in Vietnam in 1945, the President expressed his hope for peace, friendship and cooperation between the two nations, she said, recalling the visit to Vietnam last year by General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and President of China Xi Jinping, during which he reaffirmed the time-honored friendship between the parties, states and people of Vietnam and China. 

Sun suggested Vietnam and Hong Kong step up exchange and cooperation for mutual development, and happiness of their people.

Source: VNA