At the meeting, PM Chinh affirmed Vietnam’s foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, multilateralization and diversification of relations, and strongly supporting multilateral cooperation and the U.N.’s central role in maintaining peace and promoting development cooperation in the world.

He stressed the need to respect the U.N. Charter and international law, especially the rules on respecting independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and peacefully settling international disputes.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh (right) receives newly-appointed U.N. Resident Coordinator in Vietnam Pauline Tamesis in Hanoi on July 13.

Given great challenges facing the world, there should be global approaches to global issues, he said, adding that it is necessary to strengthen international solidarity and multilateralism, take people at the center in handling common challenges and not to trade social welfare and security or the environment for economic development only.

The PM used this occasion to thank the U.N. for its support to Vietnam in its long journey of national reconstruction, reform and international integration over the past 45 years, by providing the country with financial and technical assistance, and policy consultancy, which, he said, have brought in practical outcomes.

Notably, during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam has received great, timely and effective support in terms of vaccines and medical equipment through U.N. mechanisms, he continued.

For its part, Vietnam has made significant contribution to U.N. activities, including its successful assumption of non-permanent membership of the U.N. Security Council, and dispatch of personnel to U.N. peacekeeping operations.

PM Chinh called for more support from the U.N. in the time ahead, particularly in the achievement of sustainable development goals, post-pandemic recovery, social welfare and the fulfillment of Vietnam’s climate change commitments.

The Vietnamese Government will work to promote cooperation with the U.N. and create the best possible conditions for U.N. organizations to effectively roll out cooperation programs and projects in the country, he pledged.

In reply, Tamesis praised Vietnam as a model for its dynamism and active contributions to the international community, as well as for cooperation between the U.N. and a developing nation.

She also congratulated Vietnam on achievements the country has recorded in the pandemic fight and economic recovery with the spirit of leaving none left behind.

Vietnam has paid attention to consolidating its medical and social welfare systems, which is significant to intensifying its self-resilience amid global challenges in the future, she noted.

This year marks the 45th year of cooperation between the U.N. and Vietnam, and it is also the first year to implement the Framework for Sustainable Development Cooperation between the two sides for 2022-2026, Tamesis said.

She pledged to make efforts to coordinate U.N. organizations in order to help Vietnam in sustainable socio-economic development, post-pandemic recovery and the implementation of focal cooperation contents between the U.N. and Vietnam.

Source: VNA