This order was to acknowledge her contributions to boosting the friendship and people-to-people relations between Vietnam and the US over the past time.

Authorized by the State President, VUFO President Nguyen Phuong Nga handed over the order to the co-founder of Peace Trees Vietnam.

Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga presents PeaceTrees Vietnam Co-Founder Jerilyn Brusseau with the Order of Friendship 

In her speech, Nga underlined that the Friendship Order is one of Vietnam’s noble awards given to organizations and individuals in recognition of their contributions to expanding the friendship between Vietnam and other countries.

Meanwhile, Brusseau expressed her honor to receive the noble order and pledged to do her utmost to expand the Vietnam-US comprehensive partnership.

For over 20 years, Brusseau has showed her special sentiment for Vietnam through a number of activities, such as overcoming war-left consequences, and building mutual trust and fostering friendship between the two countries.

Translated by Van Hieu